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100 Years of Delphi: Cedar Crest Seniors Inducted in Honor Society’s Centennial Ceremony 

A table with 6 Delphi Honor Society Certificates, three tall, lit candles, a notebook, and two gold and white honors cords laid atop it.

Despite the dark, cloudy morning outside, the group gathering inside the Tompkins College Center’s Amory Soisson Conference center was alight with excited chatter and anticipation on Saturday, as twelve students, along with their friends, family, and loved ones, awaited to be inducted into the centennial class of Delphi, Cedar Crest College’s undergraduate Honor Society.  

Dr. Calley Stevens Taylor, Vice President of Student Success and Engagement and Dean of Students welcomed the guests to the ceremony. “When Delphi first met, the Roaring 20s had just begun to hum,” remarked Dr. Stevens Taylor. “Delphi began amidst a social revolution among the youth of the 1920s, with new opportunities for those students’ careers that would change the fabric of American lives.”  

Other speakers at the ceremony included President Elizabeth Meade, and keynote speaker Dr. Joy Karnas, Director of the Honors Program. 

President Meade reflected on Delphi’s values encouraging the inductees to know their worth, share their wisdom, and speak their truth; a reflection of the maxims carved outside the Temple of Apollo to interpret the historical Delphi’s answers.  

In her keynote address, Dr. Karnas encouraged the inductees to think of their commencement next semester not as the end of their academic experiences, but as an additional step in their intellectual journeys.  

“My hope is that Cedar Crest has inspired you to become a lifelong student—someone who engages in academic information, someone who continually expands their knowledge base, someone who does this for the rest of their lives,” said Karnas. “I hope that you seek out every opportunity to learn more.”  

Delphi’s first official meeting occurred in the 1923-24 academic year. Originally, the group consisted only of history students, but soon expanded to include students from each discipline taught at the College.  

To be eligible for membership in Delphi, students must have achieved summa cum laude levels of achievement—a 3.8 or higher GPA—while having reached senior class standing and having completed at least 60 credits at the College. 

This year’s inductees are Megan Fiedler, Noor Hussain, Charlie McClain, Madelynn Miller, Rachel Omlor, Alexandria Porchik, Heather Sanders, Autumn Soccio-Knapp, Lily Spagnola, Carolyn Weiss, Madison Wolfinger, and Katelyn Zawalick. 

“The Oracle of Delphi was a powerful woman,” said President Elizabeth Meade, “I am honored to recognize each of the powerful, high-achieving students who join our society today.”