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Cedar Crest Students Attend Pennsylvania’s First Latina Women’s Conference

A group of students and staff standing in front of a pink balloon arch and a neon sign that says PA latina

On Wednesday, March 27 a group of Cedar Crest students and staff departed campus to immerse themselves in a day of workshops, networking, and inspirational speakers who discussed the future of Latinas in Pennsylvania.  

Pennsylvania’s first Statewide Latina Leadership Conference was held at Millersville University’s Ware Center.  

“It was amazing to bring students to the first ever PA Latina Women’s Conference,” says Takyra Batz, Assistant Director for Community Engagement and Leadership Development. “Regardless of if you identify as a Latina or not, we were all accepted, and all learned the importance of supporting all of our community.”  

The experience was inspiring for staff and students in attendance alike.  

“This was an amazing experience,” says Latifah “Gio” Mejia ‘26. “I was surrounded by powerful women, and I loved the atmosphere of self-love and self-confidence they created.”  

From workshops on “Latinas in Business and Entrepreneurship,” “Health and Well-being of Afro Latinas,” and “Latinas in Politics and Government,” to hearing speakers discuss the statewide and national perspectives on life as a Latina, to a social and networking session, the entire day was a celebration of all things Latina.  

“Attending this conference made me think that if we all come from somewhere, we can and must go EVERYWHERE!” says Mejia. “Our culture is beautiful and worth sharing. It is lovely to say and identify myself as a Latina, and I want to let all of them out there know that all the work they have done will pay off in the future. I appreciate our staff in so many ways for giving me the opportunity to connect with my roots in this meaningful way.”