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International Student Services

I-20 Requirements

Transfer students will need to transfer their valid I-20 from their previous institution to Cedar Crest.

  • Submit all required documents to International Student Services at internationalservices@cedarcrest.edu:
    • Copy of foreign passport and current U.S. visa (if applicable)
    • Foreign address and phone number
    • US address and phone number (if applicable)
    • City of birth
    • Country of birth
    • Evidence of financial resources. One or a combination of the items below must be submitted, indicating that the student has adequate funding for at least one full year of study. See the International Student Costs chart for the total funding required:
F-1 International Student Rates 
2023-2024 Academic Year 
Undergraduate  SAGE Undergraduate 
- Nursing 
SAGE Undergraduate 
- Other Programs 
Tuition  $44,344  $25,368  $15,000 
Living Expenses  $17,345  $17,345  $17,345 
International Student Fee  $3,200  $3,200  $3,200 
Activity Fee  $400  $200  $200 
Technology Fee  $200  $200  $200 
Insurance, Books, and Other Expenses  $5,850  $5,850  $5,850 
TOTAL  $71,329  $52,163  $41,795 

Don’t see your program? Contact International Student Services for current costs.

* The International Student Fee covers academic and cultural support services for international students. A fee waiver may be issued on a case-by-case basis based on English language ability and/or academic preparedness. Please talk to your admissions counselor for more information.

**Please note that the International Student rates quoted on this page are for the academic year indicated only. Cedar Crest College has the right to alter tuition and fees as necessary.

  • Financial guarantee from a sponsoring agency (for example, SACM or CBIE). Note: “For Admissions Purposes” financial guarantees are considered unofficial documents. These will be accepted for the purpose of issuing an initial I-20, but an official financial guarantee must be received by Cedar Crest by the first day of classes of your first semester. Official financial guarantees must be sent to the College directly from the sponsoring agency and may be sent by mail or electronically. If the official financial guarantee is not received by the College by the first day of classes, a hold may be placed on your account, and your I-20 may not be made active.
  • International Affidavit of Support – Certification of Financial Responsibility. If you are not fully funded by a sponsoring agency, complete and mail this form and all required documents to International Student Services. Please contact International Student Services for a copy of this document.

Note: Bank statements and other documents must be original documents. Exceptions to this requirement may be considered on a case-by-case basis. If unofficial documents are accepted for the initial I-20, original documents will be required by the first day of classes. If the official financial documents are not received by the College by the first day of classes, a hold may be placed on your account, and your I-20 may not be made active.