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Into the Metaverse: Cedar Crest College Selected for Meta Quest’s VXR Pilot Program 

Cedar Crest College direction sign

Cedar Crest College is poised to remain at the forefront of educational technology after being selected to join the Meta for Education pilot program, which provides student access to VR headsets and specialized software. This new technology is an exciting addition to all of the other upgrades made to the newly renovated Hartzel Hall, now called The Narrows.  
The program will open doors to more immersive and hands-on learning experiences, granting our community access to optimized virtual and online environments like never before. Students will have the opportunity to learn in VR environments, and Cedar Crest will be instrumental in trying new features and providing feedback on virtual applications to Meta–like a Black Mirror episode, but in a good way.  
“Imagine being able to participate in a group read of Macbeth with your classmates on stage at the Globe Theater, visiting a historically accurate recreation of The Amistad, or creating an environment to practice home visits in Sociology coursework,” says Bruce Sarte, Director of Information Technology. “The possibilities are endless.”