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Management Information Systems are crucial to modern businesses and organizations. They enable connections with remote suppliers, vendors, distributors, employees, customers, and corporate partners that enhance the efficiency of any operation, leading to increased profitability. They also represent a growing sector, as software and hardware automation takes over jobs once performed manually. 

Cedar Crest’s graduate certificate in MIS allows learners from multiple disciplines — from health care to human resources to distribution — to understand the strategic importance of information, which can lead to new potential opportunities, products and partnerships.

The 12-credit online Management Information Systems graduate certificate will enable students to assess, leverage and manage technology innovations to increase organizational efficiency and to understand how to compete effectively in a global information economy. The program is designed for the busy working professional who is looking to change careers or move up in their current field and can be completed in one to two years.

The goal of the certificate program is to provide students with the ability to:

  • Create strategies for leveraging management information systems to create competitive advantage, operational efficiency and enhanced responsiveness to market change.
  • Assess core information technologies and alternatives to accomplish the tasks of collecting, processing and outputting data.
  • Leverage and assess project management techniques that are applicable to all business situations, as well as those particular to management information systems.
  • Develop strategies for determining appropriate data architecture and management techniques for enterprise data.
  • Develop strategies for negotiating disruptive innovation to organizations and markets, and for leveraging business automation such as intelligent agents.

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Courses Required

MIS 567—Management Information Systems (3 credits)
MIS 570—Project Management for Technology (3 credits)
MIS 572—Data Engineering and Management (3 credits)
MIS 576—Workplace Automation and Disruptive Innovation (3 credits)

Upcoming Admissions Events

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