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Today’s world is becoming increasingly interconnected economically, politically, culturally, and environmentally. That’s why college graduates need to be able to comprehend these factors from a global perspective. We see you developing the skills and knowledge to understand the world from diverse viewpoints, through unique classes, foreign language exploration, and an international immersion experience. 

As a Global Studies major, you’ll take courses from across the curriculum; enhancing your understanding of world cultures, global history, international business, international politics, and global stewardship.

To provide additional depth and marketability to your course work, consider pursuing the Spanish Concentration within the Global Studies major.

Dive A Little Deeper

Course Requirements

Required core courses and experiences (15-18 credits):

GST 100 Introduction to Global Studies 3 credits
PSC 120 Introduction to International Relations 3 credits
SOC 222 Social Justice: A Global Perspective 3 credits
GST 333 Capstone Project (currently listed in the catalog as “Capstone Thesis”) 3 credits

International immersion experience (minimum 3 credits) – complete ONE of the following below

  • Sophomore Year Expedition
  • Internship with International Scope: This internship may be taken with a local organization or business, or by an experience abroad
  • Study Away Experience (study tour offered as part of an academic course)
  • Study Abroad Experience

International language experience

For the majority of students, this will mean the study of or demonstration of an appropriate level of fluency in a language other than English. An international student majoring in Global Studies should discuss options for satisfying this requirement with the program directors.

This requirement will usually be satisfied in one of the below ways:

  • Demonstrated proficiency at the intermediate-low level via an online placement test. This test is offered at Cedar Crest for speakers of Spanish
  • Completion of an international language course of the student’s choice (3 credits minimum or the equivalent). A student may take a course in a language of the student’s choice at the appropriate level to match the student’s level of fluency via these methodsCedar Crest College course taken in Spanish
    • A course offered by LVAIC, Acadeum, NCC or other community college, or as part of a student’s study abroad program
    • Transfer credit for a college-level course taken prior to enrollment at Cedar Crest, for example, at a community college or via an advanced placement test

Interdisciplinary Exploration electives (18 credits):

Students will complete the requisite minimum number of credits in three areas of study. Taken as a whole, these focus areas are intended to provide the student with a sufficient background 1) to recognize the role of history and culture in shaping global policies and politics, and 2) to increase understanding of the structures and interrelationships among our global communities as we seek to respond to the challenges we must confront together, whether economic, environmental, or political.

Students should feel free to tailor the selection of courses to satisfy focus area requirements in order to address the students’ personal interests and/or career or graduate study plans. The Global Studies major may also be productively combined with another major or minor in order to provide greater immersion in an academic area of interest for which the Global Studies major serves as an enhancement.

Note: A student may substitute a course not listed below to meet the objectives of a focus area, with the permission of the Global Studies directors. (This proviso is meant to allow students to take advantage of new course offerings, special topics offerings, or LVAIC/Acadeum offerings, as appropriate. The proviso may also apply to courses that meet the objectives of a focus area, but have not been formally listed as options for the major because they have more than one prerequisite that does not count for the major.)

World Histories and Cultures

Take TWO courses (6 credits) from the below:

ANT 101  Cultural Anthropology 3 credits
ENG 245  Topics in World Literature 3 credits
HIS 107  European History to 1660  3 credits
HIS 108  European History Since 1660 3 credits
HIS 117  Introduction to Hispanic American History  3 credits
HIS 259  Topics in World History  3 credits
SPA 217  Introduction to Hispanic American History (cross-listed with HIS 117)  3 credits
SPA 303  Survey of Spanish Literature and Culture I  3 credits
SPA 304  Survey of Spanish Literature and Culture II  3 credits
SPA 305  Survey of Latin-American Literature and Culture  3 credits
SPA 310  Hispanic Women Writers  3 credits
SPA 311  Hispanic Culture and Civilization 3 credits
SPA 312  Hispanic Popular Culture in the U.S. 3 credits
SPA 313  Caribbean Literature and Culture  3 credits
SPA 315 Topics in Hispanic Literature and Culture  3 credits

International Business, Politics, and Communication

Take TWO courses (6 credits) from the below:

BUA 240  International Business 3 credits
COM 212  Intercultural Communication 3 credits
COM 285  Global Issues in New Media 3 credits
ECO 222  Economic Geography  3 credits
HIS 224  America as a World Power  3 credits
MKT 336  Global Marketing  3 credits
PSC 206  Presidents and Parliaments: Topics in Comparative Politics  3 credits
PSC 215  Political Economy  3 credits
PSY 335  Cross-Cultural Psychology  3 credits
SPA 203  Spanish in the Workplace  3 credits
SPA 205  Spanish for Health Professionals  3 credits
SPA 210  Spanish for Law Professionals  3 credits
SPA 316  Advanced Spanish for Health Professionals  3 credits

Global Stewardship and Social Justice

Take TWO courses (6 credits) from the below:

BIO 125  The Amazon Basin: Natural History, Culture, and Conservation 3 credits
BIO 128  Emerging Infectious Diseases and the Environment  3 credits
HLT 102  Introduction to Public Health  3 credits
HLT 103  Introduction to Global Health  3 credits
HLT 105  Foundations of Environmental Health 3 credits
PSC 213  Environmental Justice and Policy 3 credits
PSY 314 The Psychology of Stereotypes and Prejudice 3 credits
SOC/SWK 313 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice 3 credits

College-wide Requirements (3 additional credits):

Students fulfill the Global Studies requirement with the satisfactory completion of GST 100.

Students fulfill the Technology and Information Literacy requirements with the satisfactory completion of GST 333.

Students fulfill the Oral Presentation requirement with the satisfactory completion of COM 100: Introduction to Communication or THS 105: Public Speaking, either of which counts for three credits.

A student may complete a Global Studies minor by taking the below:

GST 100  Introduction to Global Studies
PSC 120  Introduction to International Relations
SOC 222  Social Justice: A Global Perspective

An immersion experience, as described under the core requirements for the major

And two additional courses chosen from the list of courses offered for the three focus areas of the Global Studies major.

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