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Kerrie Baker


B.S. in Psychology, Pennsylvania State University
M.S. in Psychology, Old Dominion University
Ph.D in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Old Dominion University


American Psychological Society, Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Society for Teaching of Psychology, Society for Human Resource Management

Career Highlights

Dr. Baker practiced applied psychology for over ten years in private and public organizations before coming to Cedar Crest College. She began her career as an Intern and Research Specialist for Bell Atlantic, and then was a management consultant for the Hay Group, a nationally recognized consulting firm. For the next six years, Dr. Baker served as a Personnel Research Psychologist for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in which she gained a broad range of experience in the areas of Psychology, Business, and Criminal Justice.

Courses Taught

She regularly teaches Experimental Methods, Statistics, Applied Research, Careers in Psychology, Psychology in Current Events and Industrial/Organizational Psychology-related courses such as Psychology of Work, Women in the Workplace, Team Building and Group Dynamics and Ergonomics.

Research Interests

Her research interests include: assessment and program evaluation; the functioning of teams under stressful conditions, and the acceptance of non-traditional team members; the unique challenges faced by organizations in hiring and retaining the newest generation of employees; critical issues faced by women in the workplace, and the characteristics of women leaders and entrepreneurs.

Why Choose Cedar Crest?

“Cedar Crest College offers a supportive environment for students to learn and grow, as individuals, leaders, and members of the community. It is a warm atmosphere with wonderful people and plenty of opportunities for students to take courses in different areas, learn new skills, and prepare onself for the next steps of their life. Assistance is always available and friendly faces make it inviting and pleasant.”


“Take advantage of every opportunity to try new things, learn new information, and investigate all of the options and possibilities you have. Take classes, but also do more, such as internships, research experiences, study abroad, sports or intramural activities, clubs, etc. Get involved and figure out your interests, values, and goals.”


“I like challenges and learning new things. So when I see students who are trying, working hard, and wanting to do their best to learn, I work with them to ensure they succeed. So I am inspired by students who may be dealing with issues in their lives that may affect their studies, but work hard to overcome their challenges and persevere for a positive outcome.”

How Did You Become a Teacher?

“I occasionally trained Agents on various topics at the training center at Quantico. I realized that it was very satisfying when they understood the material I was teaching and could use it in the field. So then I had an opportunity to teach a class at Penn State and felt the same satisfaction. I enjoyed talking and connecting with the students, so when an opportunity came along to teach full-time, I decided to change my career path and have been at Cedar Crest College for 20 years!”