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The Best of the Crest: Student Leaders Celebrated at Annual Awards Ceremony 

Glass awards inscribed with the Cedar Crest College crest

On Sunday, April 21, Alumnae Hall Auditorium at Cedar Crest College filled with students, staff, faculty, and supporters to celebrate the accomplishments of the College’s student leaders. 

This annual celebration, “Best of the Crest,” is held by the Student Government Association and acknowledges the contributions of members of the campus community to the College for their involvement, leadership, compassion, and commitment to Cedar Crest.  

Additionally, new members of the Student Government Association and Student Activities Executive Board are sworn in each year at the ceremony for their term starting the upcoming Fall semester. 


 The recipients of the Student Government Association Awards were:  

Emerging Student Leader Award – Keishla Garcia 
For a first-year student or sophomore who has shown initiative, motivation, and potential for continued student leadership early in their career. 

Capstone Student Leader Award- Alexandria Porchik 
For a student in their junior or senior year who has demonstrated a capacity for impacting the Cedar Crest community and served as a role model to younger students. 

Outstanding Student Involvement Award – Maliha Asad 
To the individual who is highly involved within the campus community without sacrificing efficiency and dedication. 

The Bridge Award – Kris Rogers 
To the individual who has demonstrated outstanding innovation and leadership in bridging the gap between co-curricular activities. 

Unsung Hero Award – Anya Stott 
For a student from any class level who may or may not hold a formal position, but whose behind-the-scenes dedication and labors have proven invaluable to the success of a project, program, cause, or movement on campus. 

Student Organization of the Year – Preterite 
For a student organization that has consistently made positive contributions to the campus community and encouraged leadership through its membership, events, or programmatic initiatives. 

Miguel Marroquin Staff Award- Olivia Miller Martinez 
Dedicated to the family and staff of Miguel Marroquin. Given to the staff member who demonstrates a students-first attitude and commitment to working with students. 

Outstanding Advisor Award – LuAnn Fletcher 
Given to the advisor who has been deemed by their club or organization as someone who has shown dedication to supporting the club, its members, and the events and programmatic initiatives created by the membership. 

Outstanding Graduate Student Award – Zee Marrero 
For a graduate student who has demonstrated a capacity for impacting the Cedar Crest community through their initiatives, motivation, and student leadership. 

Senior Crest Awards 

Religio – Megan Fiedler 
The seated figure on the left of the Seal represents a student who strives to apply enduring standards of value to the circumstances of their life, to guide their own actions, and to demonstrate those values to others. 

Libertas – Charlie McClain 
The figure in the center of the Seal represents a student who stands as a guardian of the liberal arts and the personal freedom of individuals. 
Scientia – Rachel Omlor 
The seated figure on the right of the Seal represents a student who scans the globe for opportunities to extend their learning skills into the community for the benefit of others. 

Residence Life Awards 

Rising Resident Award – Alexis Sams 
This award recognizes a resident student who can always be seen in the residence halls, engaging with the residential community, and attending events. 

One to Watch Award – Heaven Bethea 
Given to a new RA, who has worked as an RA for one year or less, who has exceeded job expectations and really grown into the role of an RA. 

Resident Advisor of the Year Award – Rachel Bilger 
Given to the RA who consistently exceeds the job requirements and develops a strong sense of community in their residence hall. 

First Year Experience Awards 

Mentor of the Year – Madison Wolfinger 
Awarded to the mentor who has shown exceptional work ethic and support for their students. 

Service Leader Awards 

Student Volunteer of the Year – Stella Oen 
Awarded to a student who embodies the knowledge of service and accepts opportunities for action while also recognizing, advocating, and effecting positive change for our community. 

Faculty/Staff Volunteer of the Year – Mark Koch 
Awarded to a faculty and/or staff member that actively utilizes their time and skills to recognize, advocate, and effect positive social change for our community. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards 

Inclusion Advocate of the Year – Charlie McClain 
Awarded to a student who, through their work at the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) for the last year, has gone above and beyond to fulfill their role as an Inclusion Advocate. 

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion Award – Nicole Rivera & Rosanna Cabatic 
Awarded to someone who, throughout the year, has embodied the Cedar Crest College Diversity Statement and has encouraged others through their work, academia, and/or service. 

24-25 Student Government Association Executive Board 

President – Noor Hussain 
Vice President – Maliha Asad 
Secretary – Kris Rogers 
Treasurer – Kendall Heiney 

24-25 Student Activities Board Executive Board

President – Kristina Rogers 
Vice President – Karlee Kelly 
Secretary – Brianna Hollywood 
Treasurer – Lillyanna Glass 
Community Outreach Coordinator – Mikayla Rutigliano 
Large Events Coordinator – Kayla Montaperto 
Road Trip Coordinator – Giavanna Edwards 

Congratulations to all!