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e2Campus Emergency Notification

The e2Campus Emergency Notification system alerts the Cedar Crest College community in the event of a weather or critical incident emergency. The information you provide will only be used in the event of an emergency that impacts the health and safety of the college community or closures of the campus. It will not be shared with others or used for routine communications or announcements. 

What is e2Campus?
e2Campus is an emergency notification system capable of sending users SMS text and email messages.

What type of messages will I receive?
Cedar Crest College will only send you email and mobile text messages related to emergencies. Messages will be sent to the email addresses of everyone in the e2campus system in addition to mobile text messages to your mobile phone, if you have provided one. You will never receive advertisements, and your information is never provided to advertisers.

Who can subscribe/use the service?
All students will automatically be enrolled in the e2campus service. Staff and faculty self-enroll. You must opt out of the service if you do not want to receive emergency notifications.

What mobile phone carriers are supported?
All U.S. mobile carriers are supported.

What if my cell phone number changes?
If your mobile number ever changes, you must update your contact details here.

What if my cell phone provider changes?
If you keep the same mobile number, and simply change cell phone provider, you do not have to change anything. However, it may take several weeks for your mobile provider to update the e2campus system. During that time it is possible that you will not be able to receive messages.

Will I receive advertisements or text messaging SPAM?
No, never. We respect your privacy and you will never receive anything besides official Cedar Crest College communications.

Who do I contact for assistance?
If you need assistance, please contact Campus Police at (610) 606-4666 ext. 3522; Information Technology at (610) 606-4635; or 

How do I stop getting messages?
Students, faculty and staff must opt out of the emergency notification system in order to stop getting messages. Students, faculty and staff can opt out on the Account Tab here.

Automated emergency messaging options include:

Emergency alerts are sent to email addresses for all members of the Cedar Crest College community.

SMS/text messages
Alerts can be sent via text message to student, faculty and staff mobile phones.

Students & Employees

  • All students are automatically enrolled in the emergency notification system.
  • Faculty and staff self-enroll on the Employee tab on My Cedar Crest here (must be logged in). Updates to your mobile phone information should be made as soon as possible here to ensure that you receive alerts.

Opt Out

You may elect to opt-out of the e2Campus system at any time.

Opt-Out options:
Opt out completely: Means you will no longer receive emergency messages from the e2Campus system.

Opt out Mobile Text Messaging: Means you will no longer receive emergency messages via your mobile phone. You will still receive email messages at your college email address.

The Fine Print

  • Two test messages per year are scheduled to test the e2Campus system. Depending on your plan, you may be charged by your cell phone carrier for this message.
  • We will not give, rent or voluntarily supply your information to any third party for any reason other than emergency notification.
  • You may return to this page at any time to update your information or opt out of e2Campus completely. You will also be automatically unsubscribed from the e2Campus system when you terminate your relationship with the college. Once your Cedar Crest username is decommissioned, your enrollment in e2Campus will terminate automatically.

College Policy Statement

Emergency Notification Policy
Cedar Crest College will make every effort to implement emergency notifications as soon as reasonably possible from the time appropriate personnel are aware of a campus emergency situation or incident.

In the event of an emergency the following procedures will be followed to contact students, faculty and staff:

  1. Mass email to all students, faculty, and staff via addresses.
  2. Text message to all students, faculty and staff via Emergency Notification System.

Faculty, staff and students are responsible for providing all necessary contact information, including updates to that information. Cedar Crest College cannot provide communication with those who fail to provide current phone numbers and/or contact information.  Cedar Crest is not responsible for problems which may arise due to cellular phone providers, internet interruptions, cell phone malfunctions or inability to access e mail.