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As a nursing student at Cedar Crest, you’ll perform your clinical education in some of the finest, best-equipped laboratory facilities in the region.

Our Nursing Learning Resource Center includes:

  • Three state-of-the-art multimedia labs. In the Health Assessment Lab—a setting similar to a doctor’s office—you’ll learn basic skills such as listening to the heart and lungs and taking blood pressure. In the Center for Maternal/Child Health you’ll learn how to assess and care for infants, toddlers and adolescents. The Center for Adult Health simulates a hospital setting complete with medication and utility room. You can video yourself practicing and mastering more advanced nursing skills.
  • Several highly specialized simulation manikins. In each of the multimedia labs, you’ll be able to practice real-life scenarios using sophisticated SimMan equipment of various genders, conditions and ages from infant to adult. One of our manikins can even simulate a pregnant woman giving birth.
  • A Community Health Lab set up to replicate a home environment. Here you’ll have the opportunity to role-play caregiving in the patient’s home, with all its various issues and distractions.
  • Two simulation centers with streaming video and separate control room. You’ll work with realistic and interactive “patients,” a high-fidelity simulator manikin with variable breathing, heartbeat and other signs. As students apply care techniques based on the scenario they’re working with, a faculty member can control the manikin’s reactions in response.
  • A computer lab, two student lounges and six flexible classroom and meeting spaces.