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The curriculum we offer is designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of the field of psychology, an empirical science focused on understanding behavior and mental processes. 

We see you immersed in a wide variety of psychology topics, which will help you make an informed choice when it comes to focusing on your future interests, whether you decide to pursue an advanced graduate degree or enter the workforce. Throughout your studies, you will find numerous opportunities to enhance your marketability to graduate schools and future employers by developing your communication skills, networking with alumnae in the field, and completing valuable internships.

Whether you envision your career following a path that is therapeutic or research-based, animal- or human-related, earning your psychology degree at Cedar Crest College will give you the expert instruction and hands-on research opportunities you need to succeed.

This program is also available as a minor.

The Cedar Crest College Advantage

Every faculty member in the psychology department holds a Ph.D. degree, and each has expertise in a different area of psychology. This means we can offer you many unique and diverse perspectives on the field.

Unique course offerings and learning opportunities

We offer many courses that other colleges do not make available at the undergraduate level, such as Counseling Children, Positive Psychology, Women in the Workplace, Criminal Behavior and Profiling, Mind-Body Medicine, The Psychology of Dreams, Principles of Behavior Modification, and The Psychology of Stereotypes and Prejudice.

We also have multiple lab spaces that are accessible to students. You will receive training on equipment and software that will allow you to observe and document the behavior of humans and animals in response to an array of stimuli. In the classroom, or in the lab, students will have the opportunity to explore many fascinating topics.

A strong liberal arts base

Our curriculum is designed to encourage students to pursue interdisciplinary studies in areas such as criminal justice, education, business, art, and more. It also emphasizes the development of valuable skills such as communication and leadership.

Multiple presentation opportunities

Students have the opportunity to present their research to large audiences at psychology conferences the College attends each year.

Professional development

Our faculty and staff are available to help you find an internship, improve your resume, apply to graduate schools, connect to alumnae in the field, and anything else that will assist your overall career and educational goals.

Community service and outreach

Here, you may choose to participate in health and wellness-related community service and women’s leadership activities through the Psychology Club. Students who excel academically may apply to join the Psi Chi International Honor Society and participate in their many outreach programs and on-campus activities.

Mission Statement

Psychology is a diverse field that is best defined as the scientific study of behavior and experience.  The mission of the psychology program at Cedar Crest College is, therefore, to provide students with a series of core and elective courses and experiences that are based on the historical, theoretical, and empirical foundation of the discipline of psychology. This foundation is consistent with the perennial basis of a liberal arts education and is hence congruent with the college’s basic mission that focuses on scholarship and creativity.  The multifarious nature of the faculty’s scholarship as well as the multiplicity of courses taught by them make the department highly distinctive and on the cutting edge of the developments in the field of psychology.

Dive A Little Deeper

Course Requirements for the Psychology Major

A minimum of 46 credits is required for a major in Psychology. A grade of C- or better must be obtained in each course to satisfy requirements for the psychology major; (NOTE: a grade of B or better in PSY 211 and PSY 212 is required to enroll in PSY 365 Psychology Thesis I and PSY 366 Psychology Thesis II). This includes all Liberal Arts requirements. A course may be repeated (taken a second time) only once due to a grade less than a C-. A student wishing to repeat a course more than one time (taken a third time) must complete a petition and seek special permission from the Department and the Registrar’s Office; permission will be granted only under extraordinary circumstances.  A student withdrawal (for any reason) at any point in the course will count as taking the course; subsequently, the course from which a student withdraws could be repeated only one additional time.  A student may NOT take a course (or its equivalent) more than 3 times- no exceptions.

PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits
PSY 210 Life-Span Development 3 credits
PSY 211 Research and Statistical Methods I (Formerly “Experimental Methods”) 4 credits
*PSY 170 Understanding and Using APA Editorial Style 1 credit (*Taken concurrently with PSY 211)
PSY 212 Research and Statistical Methods II (Formerly “Statistical Methods”) 4 credits
PSY 215 Biological Psychology 3 credits

Take one of the following:

PSY 309 Psychopathology (Formerly “Abnormal Psychology”) 3 credits
PSY 351 Theories of Personality 3 credits

Take one of the following:

PSY 317 Learning 4 credits
PSY 336 Cognitive Psychology 4 credits
PSY 363 Senior Capstone 3 credits

15 additional credits of Psychology electives (e.g., PSY courses) in any sub-field of psychology based on your interest.

ALSO Students must complete either THS 105 (Public Speaking) or COM 100 (Introduction to Communication) to complete the College-wide Oral Presentation requirement (3 credits)

TOTAL = 46 credits

Course Requirements for the Psychology Minor (21credits)

For the most recent and complete departmental policies and course listings, please refer to the Psychology Department website. At lease 21 psychology credits are required for a minor in Psychology, 12 of which must be completed at Cedar Crest College.  A grade of C- or better must be obtained in each course to satisfy requirements for the psychology minor; this includes all Liberal Arts requirements.  Courses transferred in must be taken within the last 10 years.

PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits
PSY 210 Life-Span Development 3 credits

Take one of the following:

PSY 351  Theories of Personality 3 credits
PSY 353 Social Psychology 3 credits

PLUS 12 additional elective credits in psychology

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