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We believe that what you eat directly impacts your well-being and success. We’re proud to partner with Parkhurst to provide delicious options to fuel your body and mind, supporting your academic and personal endeavors.

Special Dietary Needs?

We’ve got you. Our menus are clearly labeled with the top eight allergens, as well as gluten-friendly, vegetarian, and vegan options. If you have special dietary requirements, reach out to Dining Services before the semester kicks off to ensure we meet your individual needs.

24-25 Meal PlansCost
Canova Meal Plan*$3,770.50 per semester
Canova Premium Meal Plan*$3,826.00 per semester
190 Meals Per Semester Block Plan$3,515.50 per semester
150 Meals Per Semester Block Plan$3,146.50 per semester
SAGE Meal Plan — SAGE Students Only**$1,940.50 per semester
5 Meals Per Week for the Semester Plan – Commuter Students Only$783.00 per semester
25 Meals Per Semester Block Plan – Commuter Students Only$312.00 per semester
50 Meals Per Semester Block Plan – Commuter Students Only$626.00 per semester
For more details about campus dining options, visit
* First-year traditional undergraduate residents must select a Canova meal plan for their first and second years on campus. Transfer traditional students must also have a Canova meal plan during their first year on campus.
** Minimum plan required for SAGE resident students.